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Jan Latta

Jan Latta is a Sydney-based author, wildlife photographer and publisher of 15 True to Life books. To create her many beautiful books and videos she follows animals in their natural habitats to tell their story in both photographs and words. She is the “voice’ of endangered animals to help their survival.

Jan has travelled to the jungles of Borneo for orangutans, India for tigers, Sri Lanka for the elusive leopards, Uganda for Dame Jane Goodall’s chimps, the mountains of China for pandas, and 10 journeys for the African animals. She walked with four young lions in Zambia and has been charged by elephants in Amboseli. A cheetah came up to her in Nanyuki and she has held the horn of a rhino!

Her books are full of fabulous photographs, interesting facts, maps and fun activities. Exciting videos have been created so children of all ages can also see the animals in action in the wild and develop a real love and understanding of this beautiful animal world.