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Jay Bishoff

The music of American-born songwriter Jay Bishoff features impacting lyrics that connect deeply with audiences, combined with diverse guitar styles and smart arrangements. Jay’s eclectic sound is coloured by rock, folk, blues & roots, funky rhythms and world music influences. His songs often tell stories – of travel, love and loss, and heart-fueled dreams. 


Jay’s performances offer a sense of shared music community: the audience is part of the music, and this performer thrives on spontaneous, living connection. Jay is the organiser of Sound Feast at The J at Noosa. Prior to this extremely popular regular music event, he ran Peregian Originals for more than a decade.

Jay is also an author. His 2010 debut novel, By Grace and Thumb – Hitchhiking America in the Age of ‘Terror’, relates his coast-to-coast hitchhiking journey across the USA in 2004. Armed with a backpack, guitar and the goal of reconnecting with America ‘beneath the radar’, Jay experiences many colourful adventures including a jaunt over the Mexican border with an African-American seller of bone-statues, a riveting ride with a world-famous motorcycle designer and a feast of grass roots musical discoveries across the land.

Against a backdrop of a country at war - its people still reeling from the impact of 9/11 - Jay’s faithful account of his journey shines a light on a largely-forgotten modern America: generous, courageous, open-hearted individuals, still willing to take a chance to help a stranger on the side of the road in a land where hitchhiking officially died in the nineties.