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Eileen Herbert-Goodall

Eileen Herbert-Goodall is an author, editor and writing coach based on the Sunshine Coast. She is a writer of short fiction and non-fiction articles and presents workshops on the craft of creative writing and editing at universities, schools, community learning centres, adult colleges and libraries. 


Eileen holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts and shares her knowledge by coaching other writers on how to improve their skills. She also offers editing services to online businesses and marketing strategists. She is the co-Director of Field of Words, the writing website and associated competition, which aims to help emerging writers develop and publish their work.

Eileen’s works include: The Sherbrooke Brothers: A Novella - due for release in early 2017; ‘Out of the Blue’ - The Paragon Journal, April, 2016; ‘A Daughter’s Letter’ - Spelk Fiction, March, 2016; ‘Ouroboros’ - Feed Me Fiction, Volume 8; ‘End of the Road’ - Brilliant Flash Fiction, February, 2016; ‘No Man’s Land’ - Rollick Magazine, October, 2015; ‘Silver Lining’ - Thinkerbeat, September, 2015; ‘Chance’ - the international anthology, Beyond the Axis, 2015; ‘Raven Medicine’ - TEXT Journal, April, 2015; ‘The Decision’ - Flash Fiction Magazine, December, 2014; ‘Flight’ - FewerThan500, December, 2014; ‘Kate: A Story’ - FewerThan500, October, 2014; ‘Last Rites’ - Dubbo Weekender, May, 2014 and ‘Journey’ - TEXT Journal, April, 2014.