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Angelika Heinrich and Kaeleen Hunter are Mettaphor - 100 percent independent original Australian artists freestyling live over home-grown beats with funky riffs and lyrical food for thought. Mettaphor are nu-jazz soul-infused groove, vocal, sax, guitar and chillbeatz.


Mettaphor are the creative directors of their music and management, always re-inventing in their studio cocoon on the Sunshine Coast where they vision the sonic playground for their live shows. Mettaphor have independently produced/engineered/recorded three albums - Standing By You, Giddyup and Sweet Jazzy Funk.

Angelika - alto/soprano sax, inventive phrasing and heartfelt impro - she's in the moment inspired by the sounds of Candy Dulfer, Maceo Parker and the gift of meditation.

Kaeleen - guitars and beatz, sonic studio geek always on the re-invent remix zone inspired by Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Daniel Lanios and all those unknown producers.