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Barbara Brewster

This spirited 71 year-old’s inspirational books embody a wealth of experience with challenge, change and comedy. As a young woman, Barbara Brewster hitchhiked across continents, hostessed a restaurant in Afghanistan, and at 22 immigrated, solo, from the USA to Australia. Her 1991 book, Down Under All Over, written with “a lover’s indulgence and passion”, has attracted salvos from such Aussie icons as John Williamson, Eric Bogle and Barbara’s gas-fitter. 


Barbara’s most challenging adventure, however, began in 1984 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her courage and commitment to explore and risk personal and spiritual change is chronicled in Journey to Wholeness - acclaimed by Deepak Chopra and hailed by one reviewer as: “Probably the most honest book ever written”. Barbara’s recovery and her conviction that we have choice, regardless of the issue, has inspired many. In her latest book, Love or Growth; Why Not Both?—A Woman’s Dilemma, Barbara “eloquently articulates the struggle many women are undergoing, giving them permission to look at and address their desire for freedom to grow in relationship.”

At 50, Barbara’s became a clown (Lady Frootloop) and toured Russian hospitals and orphanages with clown/MD Patch Adams. Her Clowning for Cowards workshops resulted in the founding of the MCG (Melbourne Clown Group) and the Sunshine Coast’s CCC (Coastal Caring Clowns). The inspiration for Buddies for Refugees on the Sunshine Coast, Barbara loves being the ‘arjay’ (grandma) to a Brisbane-based refugee family from Afghanistan. Barbara’s profound spontaneity workshops, Rambunctious Writing and Power Of Play (POP!), for adults desiring to expand their sparkle, awareness, health and creativity have been known to be life-changing. So too, are her parody songs “celebrating life and other idiosyncrasies”, which she performs solo or with her troupe, Joy Machine.

An internationally recognized author, sought-after speaker and presenter, Barbara encourages us - whether through diving deep or romping in rambunctiousness - to look  afresh at our challenging circumstances and to reconceive our options. Barbara Brewster: PSOL,* SA,*SOS. *Passionate Student Of Life, *Spontaneity Addict, *Sower Of Seeds