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Trina McLellan

Trina has spent more than three decades working in and with Australia’s news media as a journalist, journalism educator, researcher, corporate communication manager and, early on, as a community broadcaster.

She currently works as a freelance journalist and web editor, while maintaining a keen interest in the evolution of journalism and the implications of such evolution in regards to sound, ethical practice.Until earlier this year, Trina taught media law classes for six semesters at the University of the Sunshine Coast as a sessional academic and course co-ordinator. Indeed, since 1995, Trina has taught part or full-time in a wide range of journalism and communication courses at the Queensland University of Technology, the University of Queensland and the University of Southern Queensland. As a journalism researcher, Trina completed a ground-breaking Master of Arts thesis in 2003, looking at the impact of news reporting on victims and survivors of traumatic incidents. From 2004 to 2009, she was a founding board member and secretary of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma – Australasia (now the Dart Centre Asia Pacific). Since then she has continued to deliver guest lectures and hands-on workshops for community broadcasters, working journalists and tertiary students interested in learning more about trauma and journalism.