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James B. Clifton

James B. Clifton was born in Derby, Australia and now lives at Golden Beach. He has lived in the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea and worked as a psychiatric nurse, photographer, labourer, hotelier, trainer, acupuncturist, natural therapist, and director of human resources for an international hotel chain. James earned a degree in Communications, Journalism, and Creative Writing in 2013. His latest novel, My Brother Gun, is an action adventure tale about two brothers growing up amid 1950s Australia who create a bond with Aboriginals while on a journey of self-discovery enhanced by tribal folklore and magic. 

In 1950s Western Australia, relations are tense between whites and Aborigines. But for little Jimmy and his brother, Gun, it is a simple time to create their own fun, find trouble and then wriggle their way out of it. Gun is slick, popular, and seemingly indestructible. Jimmy is a skinny kid who cannot run as fast as Gun. But when their mum suddenly abandons the family one day, everything changes. After his father puts Gun in charge of caring for his siblings, Jimmy is left to wander the neighbourhood. When fate leads him to an Aboriginal girl, Jimmy is thrilled he has finally made a friend who likes him back. As Poppy teaches him Aboriginal secrets like how to disappear, recognise an animal track, and uncover feed from a bush, her tribe takes Jimmy in like he is one of their own. But as the two cultures intertwine and the boys create strong friendships, Gun makes a decision that leads to valuable lessons and unthinkable new events as life changes once again.

James’ next book is almost finished and is a book for business owners called the Biology of Business - a look at running your business Epigenetically and with a raised level of consciousness.