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Bridgette Chilly (Davis)

Bridgette Chilly (Davis) is born of Mooloolah's Dhdugga Kabi Kai people. Bridgette is passionate in her work to preserve her family's culture and to educate Australians about her Sunshine Coast Aboriginal heritage and culture. 

Bridgette talks about her deep connection to this land and of the Aboriginal women's Dreamtime stories of this region.The Sunshine Coast is a place the Kabi Kabi Traditional Custodians have been calling home for over 40,000 years. The Kabi Kabi are saltwater people, shellfish eaters, canoe makers and medicine men and women. They are the true knowledge holders of 'Country', with continuous connection to waters, lands and seas. They are creating a living of culture, physical, mythical, and spiritual leves that has swept across the Sunshien Coast through ancient songlines of creation, customs, beliefs, language, lore and ceremony creating equal balance on Mother Earth since time began. Bridgette will be filling many roles at our Inaugural festivalwith her own Women's Dreamtime Stories and Toolmaking presentation; hosting an Artisan Festival Stall with her daughter featuring Aboriginal bush food and craft-making displays; presenting basket-weaving demonstrations in our Unitywater Marquee and' In Conversation' with Australian scientist Lynne Kelly about her new book, The Memory Code. Bridgette is Gubbi Gubbi Dance founder Lyndon Davis' sister. Their family are true ambassadors and custodians of this Sunshine Coast land.