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Dan O’Callaghan & Jessica Gibson

Ardent Comics began as a publishing platform for experimenting with the medium, designing different characters and writing different kinds of stories with deeper, more valuable sentimentalism. 

Jessica Gibson headshotThus far, Daniel has begun publication of two comic book series:Descendant of the Nephilim, a dark fantasy, and The Third Hand, an epic time travel story. In his childhood, Daniel had a lot of interests that he was always very passionate about: reading comics, watching movies, playing video games, skateboarding, acting, swimming, playing soccer, playing with the dog in the backyard, writing stories, drawing pictures and painting. This all led to many life lessons and interesting encounters growing up, and he would write and draw from these experiences. Entering adulthood full of stories, he really wanted to tell the world, Daniel needed a place to start liberally publishing his own comic books and so he started Ardent Comics in 2014. Not long after meeting Jessica Gibson, the two started working on Feral Horizon, marking Daniel and Jessica’s first collaborative comic book project. Jessica first began drawing when she was a child and since then has practiced and evolved her art into different styles and mediums. She draws inspiration from video games, television shows and the natural world. She began using traditional mediums for drawing when she was young, using mainly a ballpoint pen during primary school to master the art of doodling, before moving on to coloured pencils during high school. Acrylic paints came next. Eventually, Jessica transitioned into the realm of digital art, which is where she rapidly expanded her repertoire of finished full-colour artwork. Buying her first graphics tablet greatly helped this transition, and allowed her to flourish in online communities such as DeviantArt and today digital art is her preferred medium.