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Noel David

Noel David is a first-time, self-published author who hails from a background as a project manager in the building industry in Adelaide. Noel recently moved to the Sunshine Coast to pursue his dream of full-time writing inspired by our beaches and beautiful ocean.

“For as long as I can remember, possibly apart from the wild partying years in my late teens I have been enamoured to books and reading. I worked out for myself in Grade 7 primary school I had a few problems with reading. I distinctly remember beginning to read a story book from the top of the page before amazingly reading the last line of the page eagerly yearning to turn the page – omitting to read and comprehend any of the sentences amassed in the body of the page. Later, I trained my mind to focus on each word, each sentence, every paragraph. This self-imposed discipline harnessed by a previously unrecognised determination permitted access to boundless numbers of books – basic and complex – fiction and non-fiction all leading to my hidden love of reading and research.
Liberation from this early condition permitted access into a new world of wonderment and education. Apart from furthering my career in technical understanding a fire was ignited to write, to explore my creative. Taking and making the opportunity to write a novel, calls for a different form of discipline and understanding. I often find myself consumed with plots, subplots and character development; especially when walking the nearby often lightly inhabited beaches, the crash of the surf and inward running tidal water assisting my new concepts and fictional companions to take shape. It may have taken some time to commence on a writing career but I have to say I am so pleased I have got things underway.”