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Aishah Macgill

Aishah Macgill is an author, publisher and graphic designer. She began her writing career as an over-zealous student tormenting her teachers with epic essays. She then progressed on to soppy, romantic poetry, experimental fiction and legendary letters to friends and family.

Gaining employment in her twenties with a groundbreaking magazine in Melbourne which wrote about emerging technology in the early 80s, Aishah then embarked on her travels. Family beckoned and she didn't return to writing until this century.

Angry about the injustices of the world, and fascinated by all things spooky and Eastern philosophy, Aishah now writes mystery-thrillers with a paranormal-political flavour. Her books have been coined as a new and emerging genre, Metaphysical Thriller.

Aishah has self-published five books to date with several more currently being completed. When she is not writing, she is helping other authors who wish to self publish via her Facebook writers group, Australian Writers Rock, and running her publishing business.
Aishah's books are: The Forgotten Seer of Edenhope Book I, II, III; The Day My Mother Murdered Herself and SoulMate Conversations.