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Mary Atkins

Mary Atkins is a speaker, author, writer and coach who reckons she ‘retired’ seven years ago. Next year her non-fiction book, Anatomy of a Remarkable Healing, will be published. In 2014, she published her fiction work, Losing You, on Kindle and in 2005 she published Finding Your Voice – Ten Steps to Successful Public Speaking. 

Mary’s career profession was that as a consumer sciences home economist. She is a past president of Food Media Club Australia and past Chair of Judges of Australian Food Media Awards. She also founded a boutique company (Food Factotum) that provided test-kitchen projects, event management, conference and live-show design and management to the food and wine industry in Australia and the US for agricultural associations for more than 30 years. Mary is a Destination and Enrichment Speaker, working through an Australian-based agent for several different cruise lines that cruise Australian/NZ/South Pacific region. She has been a speaking coach for more than 30 years, including hosting weekly hour-long radio shows and enjoying multiple television appearances.