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Deanne Lister

Deanne Lister was born in Somerset, England, and had a classical education at a small convent school, then at the college of Sarum St. Michael in Salisbury.  "Literature and languages were my love at a time when much was learned by rote. I still remember most of my Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats and Matthew Arnold, not to mention a good smattering of Chaucer.  Since then I have fallen in love with Dylan Thomas and various Australian poets such as Judith Wright and Bruce Dawe. They may be a world apart, but they all have a wonderful way with words. (There’s a good case of alliteration!)

"Although I have written since I was a child, Australia, my chosen home for the past 33 years, has really brought out the poet in me. Joining local poetry groups has been a great pleasure, and gives one the opportunity to share thoughts on writing with similar minds. It also brings one into contact with other community groups and challenges. Some of the most enjoyable of these has been 1. participation in the “Pen and the Lens” exhibition, organised in conjunction with the Caloundra Camera Club, and held at the Regional Art Gallery, Caloundra, and 2. compilation of a book of short stories and poetry entitled “Chocolate Cake and Other Delights” in conjunction with members of HTK Anglican Church for fund-raising purposes.  I have also taken poetry reading and talks to other community groups, hoping to stir an appreciation for this ancient and wonderful art-form in others.

I have lived for several years in Malta and Cyprus, and have travelled quite extensively. Not surprisingly, I have found inspiration to write in many of the places I have visited, both in Australia and abroad, from the dinosaurs of Winton, Queensland, to the mystery of Savannah, Georgia, and the history of Simon de Montfort in Lewes, England.

My Pente Poet friends are all very different in character and background, but, reacting together we explode with inspiration and ideas. Our monthly lunch creates the perfect canon to fire us for the next four weeks! I must here mention that Judy Bandidt is a terrific poet on the subject of war. Brad is our romantic, Susie is our mystical naturalist, Lyn is concisely poetic on life around us, and Ron burns the midnight oil internationally. After many years with the Poetry & Prose Society Inc., several in the position of President, I met up with Ron and Brad, who then introduced Susie. Then along came Judy, and finally Lyn from the UK for half the year. Together we became the Pente Poets of the Sunshine Coast, and, having now produced three anthologies and a website with the help of Judy who’s an editor and publisher, we haven’t looked back." 

The Pente Poets of the Sunshine Coast are Judith Bandidt, Deanne Lister, Lyn Browne, Brad Drew, Susie Faint and Ron Wiseman. The Pente Poets are a group of six published and award-winning poets from the Blackall Range and Sunshine Coast hinterland and coastal region who have been meeting regularly and writing together since 2006.

The group has published three anthologies: Fridays at Flaxton, Some Other Landscape and Hinterland to Headland: A Poetry Trail for the Sunshine Coast. Their website: www.pentepoets.com, gives a greater insight into the work of these poets, several of whom have published their own poetry collections. The Pente Poets write with passion about the world as they see it, drawing much inspiration from their physical surroundings and life experiences. Through personal experience they understand how poetry can add dimension to people’s lives.

Their mission is to enrich the cultural experiences of people who reside in, or visit, the Sunshine Coast, particularly those who have perhaps not seen poetry as part of their lives or indeed, the world around them. A significant step towards achieving this goal is to create a poetry trail across the Sunshine Coast that will make poetry more accessible to everyone, regardless of race, age or creed. A poetry trail connects people, poetry and place through a linkage of poetry pathways or individual installations at a number of sites within a region. At these sites aspects of the literary, visual and sculptural arts are combined in pieces of public art with poetry as an integral part of the art form. Other media and technologies, such as audio, may also be used. Each installation is designed to blend with its natural environment, and features poems written by the Pente Poets specifically for that setting.

In January, 2016, the Pente Poets, in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Environment Council and supported by Creative Alliance, produced Hinterland to Headland: Poetry in Place, an ephemeral poetry trail of poetry readings and associated entertainment at four locations on the Sunshine Coast—Yandina, Maroochy Botanic Gardens, Mary Cairncross reserve and The Bluff, Alexandra Headlands. From diverse writing backgrounds and possessing very different poetic styles, the Pente Poets are serious about their craft. Their individual creative endeavours, directed towards writing and refining a body of poetic works, have benefited from the peer review, encouragement and critique offered through membership of the group. The Pente Poets are a mutually supportive group; they believe in each other, providing support and mentoring within the group so that each may grow in his/her journey as a writer.

Individually, members of the Pente Poets group possess a range of experiences and talents. The group draws on diverse vocational and life experiences – architecture, education, the creative arts, administration, writing, editing and publishing, other countries and cultures – to bring a dynamic approach to their writing.