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Judith Bandidt

Judith Bandidt is a founding member of Sunshine Coast's The Pente Poets which launched in Flaxton in 2006. "Having spent much of my life in country areas of Queensland, my writing often reflects my rural roots and love of the land and its people. This life experience—along with other landscapes, seascapes and mindscapes encountered in my travels—provides the settings for my literary efforts. Living now in the serenity of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, I have found a new ambience for my creative pursuits and I enjoy exploring a variety of genre—adult fiction, children’s stories, historical non-fiction, song lyrics, poetry. Wherever I find myself, I draw inspiration from my surroundings.

"There is a certain appeal in experimenting with different poetic forms, but, as with most poets, my preferred style is uniquely mine. Modern it certainly is not; contemporary, yes, as are the themes the poems explore. I do not write complicated or deep poetry, and almost without exception my poems are about personal experience, simply expressed, written from the heart. And to be fully appreciated, to hear the poet’s voice, I believe poetry should be read aloud. 

I have seen Tennyson’s long light shake across Lake Windermere, heard the wind sighing in pines as Douglas Stewart did near Glencoe, and stood by the trenches at Pozieres, the setting for Vance Palmer’s ‘The Farmer Remembers the Somme’. I feel privileged to have experienced the call of a running tide much as John Masefield described it, to understand the angst at leaving the land as expressed in Paterson’s moving ‘Black Swans’, and to have known the pride of ownership of a horse possessing that unique badge of gameness he describes in ‘The Man from Snowy River’. These are poets and poems I admire; they provide inspiration when my poetic muse deserts me. I see the world about me as a series of images, and my work, both prose and poetry, is often associated with photography in some way - perhaps providing a background for a chapter of a book, inspiration for a poem or a theme or topic for an essay."

Judith and Bill Bandidt’s Keypress Connections is a Palmwoods-based business, servicing an international community of writers. Keypress Connections focus on providing personalised self-publishing and have extensive experience in the self-publishing industry. The couple are happy to offer the following services and advice to authors and writers’ groups: proof-reading; full editing services; layout and typesetting; book cover design; ISBN assignment; legal deposit information; printing and production.

Books are digitally printed, on demand. There is no minimum number print run. Printing options include paperback, hardcover and dust-jacket versions, as well as eBooks. Keypress Connections specialise in working directly with authors to ensure the best possible outcomes. We handle all kinds of manuscripts – novels, poetry anthologies, short story collections, children's storybooks, and non-fiction books such as community and family histories, educational texts and instruction manuals.