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Mary-Lou Stephens

Mary-Lou Stephens is a musician, radio announcer, author and interviewer who has happily retired from her radio job to become a full-time writer on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and an in-demand author interviewer at festivals and events. Mary-Lou began her music career playing in bands, touring and releasing CDs. She then studied acting at the Victorian College of the Arts and played in bands in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney – and then the doorway to radio opened – a career that spanned 18 years.

She started in commercial radio as a presenter and Music Director and then joined the ABC Coast FM and stayed there for 15 years. In that time she presented every shift ever invented and was the Music Director both locally and nationally. Mary-Lou presented the national networked program from the Woodford Folk Festival many times and had her own national show on ABC Local Radio digital and online, and on Radio Australia.

“When I was working with the ABC, I wanted to find out whether I could write a book and if, after having done that, I would want to write another. I took six months leave without pay and discovered the answer to both questions was, “Yes.” Sex, Drugs and Meditation was published in 2013 by Pan Macmillan. How To Stay Married was launched on my 10th wedding anniversary. Now I’ve left radio to write fiction about…. playing in bands. (I think a little bit of radio will sneak in there as well.)”