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Early Planning

On February 23, this year, 2016, under a full moon and with the sounds of the surf rolling on to the sands of our beautiful Coolum Beach, a "baby" was born and delivered to the "village". The inaugural 2016 Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival held its foundation meeting. Inspired by the hugely successful Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali (our official mentors), our inaugural September festival will become an iconic festival in the Sunshine Coast landscape – and Australia and internationally. This festival will open minds by opening discussions of global issues and inspire and mentor creatives. During the festival's "inception period", it has gained support from the Sunshine Coast Council, Visit Sunshine Coast, the University of the Sunshine Coast's creative writing department and more. Our committee members (half of whom are pictured) are of varying backgrounds, ages, skills and passions. What we have in common is our community spirit, our “giving back” ethos and our core belief of sharing talent and networks; education; creativity and human rights. 2016 is the year of big events on the Sunshine Coast.